I.V. Hydration Therapy Pricing

Choose Your Base

Step 1

You can opt to start with one of our Specialty Cocktails or with Normal Saline. With either you then have the option to further customize with supplements and medications.

Anupa Specialty Cocktail
Anupa Normal Saline

Normal Saline

Simple hydration? We use 1 Liter of 0.9% Normal Saline. This is an isotonic solution that helps increase our body's total fluid volume. Our bodies are made of 70% water.



Step 2 (optional)

Customize your IV hydration therapy by adding a combination of supplements that have specific roles in the body and/or medications to target specific symptoms. We also offer NAD+, an important coenzyme that has many beneficial roles through the body.

Anupa Additives


Choose from Glutathione, B-Complex Vitamins, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Taurine, and Zinc.

Add 1: $25  |  Add 2: $45  |  Add 3: $55  |  Add 4 or more: $65 + $10/ea

NAD+ (premium supplement)

NAD+ is a coenzyme required for many important reactions in your body.

Add NAD+: $100/100mg dose

Specialty Packages

Make sure you get the best value when supporting your healthy lifestyle with Anupa IV Specialty Cocktails.

The 3 Pack $420

$465 value

*All infusions you personally use will count towards your Frequent Hydrator Reward.

The 5 Pack $620

$755 value

*Personally use all 5 infusions in the pack and get a 6th free with your Frequent Hydrator Reward increasing your total value to $910.

The 10 Pack $1000

$1550 value

*Personally use all 10 infusions in the pack and get an 11th and 12th free with your Frequent Hydrator Reward increasing your total value to $1860.

The NAD+ 5 Pack $400

$500 value

*All packages are fully transferable.  Consider buying a pack if you have a group.

*All infusions from packages count towards our Frequent Hydrator Rewards. Get all infusions in a pack and your value increases.