Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme required for many important reactions in your body.  It plays an integral role in mitochondrial function (improves energy production, promotes heart and brain function, enhances muscle recovery), DNA repair (helps with aging and preventing disease progression), circadian rhythms (improved sleep cycles) and mitigating inflammation (decrease pain, increase immunity).  Despite the prominent roll in our bodies, the amount of NAD+ decreases throughout the life cycle.   Considering this fact, and that NAD+ is difficult to supplement in the diet, it is becoming a coveted IV Hydration treatment.

* NAD+ can be added independently in any infusion: in conjunction with other additives, or to upgrade the formulated specialty cocktails.

Used For:

  • Healthy Aging- NAD+ promotes cell regeneration, DNA repair, and can help slow cognitive decline.
  • Fight Fatigue/Improve Energy: NAD+ is essential for mitochondrial function and generation of ATP the energy molecule of the body.
  • Promote Muscle Health and Recovery: Mitochondrial function and ATP are required for muscle contraction, relaxation and cellular regeneration
  • Strengthen Immune Health: NAD+ influences pro and anti-inflammatory cells and plays a role in resilience against immune system stressors
  • Strengthen Metabolic Health: NAD+ supports healthy liver function and metabolism at the cellular level and helps improve glucose tolerance.
  • Improve Mental Clarity and Mood:  This is likely related to a combination of improved energy and enhanced brain function
  • Get Better Sleep:  NAD+ plays a roll in setting your circadian rhythm


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